Springtail Culture

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Springtails are very small arthropods that are a huge beneficial addition to any bioactive enclosure. 

They can also be used as feeders for small animals such as dart frogs.


They feed on mold, fungi, pollen, algae, and decaying matter...resulting in them being a fantastic clean up crew for your bio active set ups! These little guys add to the natural decomposition cycle of your bio active set up. They are helpful with clean up as well as fertilizing. 




Springtails are fairly simple to care for;

Use a shallow container with a tight closing lid, fill it with either, lump wood charcoal, horticultural charcoal, camp fire charcoal, or activated carbon. (lump wood charcoal is the most cost effective, and generally the best option). 

*If using camp fire charcoal, be sure no lighting fluid was introduced to the wood. 

Fill your container with the chosen charcoal medium, pour 1-1.5 inches of water into your container (dependent on container size). Then add your Springtail culture! 

Once your Springtails are in their new home, all you really have to do is feed them! You can use Nutritional Yeast, or UNCOOKED white rice. 

You can check out our SpringCHOW for a well balanced, nutritional meal for your new Springtails!



When getting your delivery of live Springtails, we package them with charcoal and water, please be sure to empty the ENTIRE contents of your Springtails container into your enclosures/area where you are putting your isopods. Disposal of charcoal or water may result in accidental disposal of Springtails. 


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