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Hi! My name is Chlorophytum Comosum, or you can call me Spider, Ribbon, or airplane plant! If you're looking for a hardy indoor plant, you found me! I’m great for beginners or those who are working on their green thumb! I’m a hanger and will not like table placement once my long leaves have grown to their potential. I can vary in shades of light-dark green with white-yellow stripes!

*How to care for me:

Spider plants are a very easy plant to maintain! They enjoy well draining soil, and bright filtered light. If they are outdoors, they will prefer shaded areas so they do not burn under direct sun. They will also do well with less light, making them a great option for those less bright areas in the home where you still want some life! Your new spider plant will enjoy frequent watering be sure not to over water, which can lead to root rot. If the tips of your Spider are browning, there may be too much fluoride or chlorine in the water, as the Spider plant is sensitive to these. Your plant will benefit from regular light misting if you are in a dry area, as it does prefer a higher humidity.

*Where to plant me:

Spider plants actually like being a little root bound, in loose soil with good drainage. Don't re-pot your spider plant too frequently, only re-pot once the base of the plant is clearly visible above the soil, and when It gets difficult to water. The best time to re-pot is in the Spring and it will only need a pot slightly larger than its root ball. They will benefit from occasional light pruning as well. If the tips of your Spider are always browning, there may be high levels of salts in its soil.

When you see plantlets or "spiderettes" , the small plants that will begin to grow out of long shoots, it may be time to repot your plant! These spiderettes are a natural way of the plant trying to find more area to grow in. You can keep your spiderett, attached to its parent plant and plant it in potting soil and wait until it has grown and secured in its own pot, then you can cut the long shoot at both ends to separate the baby from its parent plant!

*Do animals like me?

Yes! Cats and dogs will tolerate munching on a spider plant without any side effects. Cats tend to enjoy nibbling on their ends and rubbing through their leaves. The plant itself will tolerate pet nibbling as well, it won't do any permanent damage to your new plants!

*How am I being cared for now?

Each parent plant at eeLavon is set up so your young plants will be the happiest and healthiest they can be before heading off to their new homes! We have different variations of light sources, soil mixes, and fertilizers. Although the parent plants are grown in different setups, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive and grow no matter how you choose to keep them (*As long as general plant needs and guidelines are fulfilled, your plants will do well! If you leave them in a dark corner and forget to water them until their soil turns to dust...your plants will not thrive!)

*What comes with me?

Your new Spider Plant will arrive happily packaged and ready to use its new home! Alongside it will be its personal Care Card!



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