Powder Orange Isopods

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Porcellionides pruinosus - or - Powder Orange Isopods make a great addition to any bio-active/natural enclosure set up. They make an amazing biodegrading crew. They will eat up any junk that you don’t want in your tank/environment for the best results for your bio-active/natural set up and happy reptiles/critters! A smaller size breed but always adventurous and active!

They will also make a fun & easy pet! Add them to your critter collection on their own for a fun little pet!

These Isopods will need a container adequate to the size of your colony, a mist of water 1-2 times a week or when substrate is dry. Also required is leaf litter, a place to hide, appropriate substrate, preferably some cork bark, and some isopod food! We suggest our IsoCHOW for a healthy and balanced diet (our substrate and leaf litter coming soon!) found on our products page. These guys also love some of your own kitchen scraps! Cut ends of fruits and veggies are a great addition to their diet, but be sure to not over load their food supply or you could risk growing mold on the excess food and overwhelming your colony. 

Keep your Isopods in adequate temperatures between 65-85 degrees F to keep them healthy.

We also suggest you pair these guys with a colony of springtails, to create the ultimate clean up team! Also available on our products page!


When getting your delivery of live isopods, we package them with soil and moss, please be sure to empty the ENTIRE contents of your isopod container into your enclosures/area where you are putting your isopods. Disposal of moss or soil may result in accidental disposal of isopods. 


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