Peace Lily

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Hi, I am Spathiphyllum, or call me; Peace Lily or Closet Plant. I am very easy to care for, I have tall glossy dark green leaves and white flowers! ...Well, you call them flowers, but they’re actually something else, check out my personal story here to find out what it really is! I feel at home in just about any room!

*How to care for me:

Lighting: Peace Lilies are a very durable and easy plant to care for, of course under the correct conditions! They enjoy a medium to low light range, and your choice on the matter will dictate what your Peace Lily will look like, want to see more flowers? Leave it in a brighter area, if you want more of the deep green leaves, keep it in a more low light area. Do not put your Peace Lily in full direct sunlight or its leaves will burn. The Peace Lily also tolerates fluorescent lighting well.

Watering: When it comes to watering, you're better off under-watering your Peace Lily than overwatering it. These plants can tolerate a small drought, but overwatering, like for most plants, is quite damaging. Overwatering is the main cause for Peace Lily deaths. Only water your new Peace lily after a water test, simply pat/touch the exposed soil around your plant, if its dry - water it. If it is wet/damp, hold off on watering and try again tomorrow!

Dust: These large leaves tend to collect dust, so you will most likely want to clean its leaves at least once a year by; misting with water and gently wiping dry, wiping the dust away with a damp cloth, placing the plant and pot in the tub/sink and gently showering the plant. If you decide to shower your plant, be sure to allow it to drain properly so root rot does not occur. We do not recommend using commercial leaf shine products as it will clog the plants pores, just how our skin is affected by topical products!

*Where to plant me:

Peace Lilies will grow long straight down roots, so a taller pot (appropriate for your size Peace Lily) rather than a shallow one will be best. When your plant begins to look droopy or sad within a week after watering, or the plant is looking too crowded, it is time to re-pot. Choose a pot about 2-3inches (5-8 cm) larger.

*Do animals like me?

No! Peace Lily is especially harmful for cats, but it will bother your pup as well. Chewing on these deep green leaves may cause your fur-family; severe burning & irritation to the lips, mouth, and tongue, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and increased drooling/salvation.

*How am I being cared for now? Each parent plant at eeLovan is set up so your young plants will be the happiest and healthiest they can be before heading off to their new homes! We have different variations of light sources, soil mixes, and fertilizers. Although the parent plants are grown in different setups, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive and grow no matter how you choose to keep them (*As long as general plant needs and guidelines are fulfilled, your plants will do well! If you leave them in a dark corner and forget to water them until their soil turns to dust...your plants will not thrive!)

*What comes with me? Your new Peace Lily will arrive happily packaged and ready to use its new home! Alongside it will be its personal Care Card!


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