Jade Pothos

Jade Pothos

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Hi my name is Epipremnum Aureum, or, Jade Pothos. I have deep dark green, shiny, heart shaped leaves and I’m very easy to care for! I am a crawler, place me in a pot and keep me low and bushy, or have me grow up a trellis or post! I can tolerate the wind pretty well and I grow in the direction my light is coming from.

*How to care for me:

Jade Pothos is a fast growing crawler, it needs a lot of indirect sunlight. Place your new Jade Pothos in a North or South facing window for the best growth, but do not let the sun directly hit the leaves or the leaves will burn and stay small in size. If your Jade pothos is in a corner, it is a good idea to rotate the pot so all areas of the plant get a healthy amount of light. Your Jade Pothos will not like being in front of an air conditioning or heat unit as it will not enjoy direct contact with the hot/cold air.

Water: The Jade Pothos will appreciate a slow watering, it likes its main center roots to get a decent drink. To do this, slowly water your Jade Pothos directly in the center of the plant, or poke small but deep holes close around my base and then slowly water. A pencil is a great size for doing this, these holes will help the water get to its roots. Before watering again, it is important to water test your Jade Pothos, if the top ½ inch (1.30 cm) of soil is still moist, wait a couple more days, and water test again!

If your Jade Pothos has some leaves that look burned, it is either in too much direct sun, or there could be too much salt in the soil. The Jade Pothos does not like its leaves to be wet, so it is best not to mist or overhead water. Humidity is also a big love of the Jade Pothos, this plant will do great in the bathroom or anywhere with a bit more humidity. If the tips of its leaves have browned, your new Jade Pothos might need some more humidity.

*How to plant me:

Your new Jade Pothos will enjoy many situations; indoors, outdoors, in a regular pot, in a totem pot, on a trellis, or hanging off of a balcony. Be sure to have a nutritious soil mix for your Pothos that will drain well as it does not like to sit in wet soil.

*Do animals like me?

No! Cats and dogs and even yourself will have an irritated stomach after snacking on a Jade Pothos leaf, possibly leading to vomiting.

*How am I being cared for now?

Each parent plant at eeLovan is set up so your young plants will be the happiest and healthiest they can be before heading off to their new homes! We have different variations of light sources, soil mixes, and fertilizers. Although the parent plants are grown in different setups, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive and grow no matter how you choose to keep them (*As long as general plant needs and guidelines are fulfilled, your plants will do well! If you leave them in a dark corner and forget to water them until their soil turns to dust...your plants will not thrive!)

*Can I go outside?

Yes! Your Jade Pothos will do great in or outdoors (under correct conditions). The Jade pothos is tolerant to wind and will enjoy a shady spot outside out of direct sun.

*What comes with me?

Your new Jade Pothos will arrive happily packaged and ready to use its new home! Alongside it will be its personal Care Card!



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