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Hi my name is Tradescantia Zebrina, but I may also be referred to as; Tradescantia Albiflora, Inch Plant, and Spiderwort! There are many variations of me, but I have a deep purple underside and topside of a purple pinstripe with two broad sparkling silver bands. Although I am predominantly purple, if you change the amount of light I get, I will slowly switch from purple to green! I'm a hanger, but if you trim me a certain way, I will begin to grow more bushy! I’m often told I am a fun plant to watch change!

*How to care for me:

Watering: The Tradescantia Zebrina is a fast growing, entertaining plant! The root system of these plants are fairly delicate, and are prone to root rot if overwatered. So, be sure to check your soil for moisture before watering your new T. Zebrina. It is also best to not pour the water directly over the roots, example: if you plant your new T. Zebrina in the center of its pot, water around the edges of the pot instead of directly in the middle.

Potting & Placement: This plant is typically seen in a hanging fashion, and will grow FAST! To keep your new T. Zebrina looking its best, trim, pinch, and prune those legs! This is a plant that can look very unmanaged very quickly. As you prune your plant, it will encourage new growth! The best time to prune is in the Spring/Summer - the plants natural growing seasons. If you are looking for a bushy plant instead of a long draping grower, just keep trimming! Be sure to only trim after a leaf node to promote the best healthy growth. It does best with full indirect sun, and will burn if there is too much direct light. It will still grow in dimmer areas, but you will see a change of color. Depending on how much light your plant gets, will determine how much purple v/ green you will see in its leaves, less light = less purple! If there is a lot of space between your individual leaves, it may be light deprived, try placing it in a sunnier location. Only re-pot in the Spring and only IF it has outgrown its current pot. When re-potting go for a pot just a couple (2-3) inches larger than your current pot. Too much pot = too much water retention = unhappy Tradescantia Zebrina!

*Where to plant me:

T. Zebrina enjoy a more shallow pot. Your T. Zebrina will gravitate towards the light, if you see your stems and leaves all facing one direction, turn the pot to change the contact of light, this will encourage your plant to stretch and grow and, like we said, this plant is entertaining! As it soaks up the light it is fun to watch nature in action from your home!

*Do animals like me?

No! Dogs, cats, and even horses will not want to eat these plants! The stems contain a sap that, if ingested can be an irritant to the stomach and digestive tract, possibly causing vomiting and/or diarrhea. Although it can be a great addition to an aquarium or reptile enclosure!

Toxicity in humans: Your T. Zebrina might give you a funny feeling in your belly if you ingest it, but the thing to pay attention to is the sticky sap found in the stems of the T. Zebrina. To the more sensitive of skin, direct contact with this sap may cause some dermatitis, so if you have come into some sap after handling your plant, just give your hands a good wash!

*How am I being cared for now?

Each parent plant at eeLavon is set up so your young plants will be the happiest and healthiest they can be before heading off to their new homes! We have different variations of light sources, soil mixes, and fertilizers. Although the parent plants are grown in different setups, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive and grow no matter how you choose to keep them (*As long as general plant needs and guidelines are fulfilled, your plants will do well! If you leave them in a dark corner and forget to water them until their soil turns to dust...your plants will not thrive!)

*What comes with me?

Your Tradescantia Zebrina will arrive happily packaged and ready to grow in its new home! Alongside it will be its personal Care Card!

...sshhh.....Coming soon - Check out our app to keep all your plants organized, or check out our Care Card Keeper! Keep all your gardening tips, tricks, and needs in one place!

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