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Hi I’m Peperomia Obtusifolia, or you can call me; Baby or American Rubber Plant or Pepper Face Plant! There are different variations of me, all with variegated (mixed) colors of green, yellow, gold, and even white. I will grow into a bushy plant, possibly up to about 10-12 inches (25-30 cm). I have succulent-like foliage and non-woody stems.

*How to care for me:

Light: Your new Peperomia will want good strong sunlight, as these plants are originally perennials living outdoors, they will appreciate a sunny - slightly shaded location. The Peperomia can be picky on its light needs though. If your foliage is deep and dark green, it will be more sensitive to the light and could burn with too much sun, on the other hand, if your light colored Peperomia does not get enough light, it will adapt to this and slowly turn to a darker color.

Water: The Peperomia, being succulent like in nature stores water in its thick rubbery leaves, leaving this plant susceptible to overwater damage! It is better to think “eh I’ll wait another day or two to water” then to over water the plant. Check that the soil is fully dry before watering again. During winter months you can even hold off watering for longer, the plant will not be growing as actively so the water stored in its leaves will last longer.

Humidity: Peperomias enjoy a humid environment, if you are in a dry area, mist the plant gently to add some extra moisture to the foliage (do not mist to where the roots will be over watered).

*How to plant me:

Your Peperomia will do well in many soil mixes, but will thrive in a mix that will provide good drainage and aerated. Shallow pots are a good option for your Peperomia as it has a small delicate root system. Repotting is only necessary once a year to freshen up the soil. If your plant needs a larger pot, up-size only a bit (2-3 in/ 5-8 cm) larger than its current home.

*Do animals like me?

Yes! If you have cats or dogs who like to snack on your house plants, the Peperomias will let them nibble without any side effects.

*How am I being cared for now?

Each parent plant at eeLovan is set up so your young plants will be the happiest and healthiest they can be before heading off to their new homes! We have different variations of light sources, soil mixes, and fertilizers. Although the parent plants are grown in different setups, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive and grow no matter how you choose to keep them (*As long as general plant needs and guidelines are fulfilled, your plants will do well! If you leave them in a dark corner and forget to water them until their soil turns to dust...your plants will not thrive!)

*What comes with me? Your new Peperomias will arrive happily packaged and ready to use its new home! Alongside it will be its personal Care Card!



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